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Laura Massina (the main voice of the Show) performs in all sense on the stage because it's one of her biggest satisfactions.
Eduardo Diojtar is in charge in an excellent way of the music and the general direction of the Show, and specially of the sound.
The Show includes several styles, within it can be appreciated, in the soft part, the greatest international songs of the history, including styles like the jazz, balads, bossanova and mambo.
It also has a dance part with energy and dynamism with an excellent sound, in a facet of the Show where the music is based on the best Latin hits.
Duo Massina
Laura Massina (main voice)
Eduardo Diojtar (keyboards-sequences and voice)
Massina Duo has a large trajectory that begins on 1994, since then the Duo performed in the most renowned Hotels, Resorts and Casinos in Argentina.
The Duo participated in important events, and worked for Multinational Companies and different Cruise Ship Companies around the world, being in more than 40 different countries...